Looking for a church in Mead?

If you live in or near the town of Mead, Rangeview Worship Center would love to have you visit with us. Join us for our Worship Services and Sunday School, or check out our home page for our coming events. Rangeview is a friendly congregation with several members living in Mead.

Whether you are a seeker desiring to learn more about your spirituality or whether you are seasoned in your faith and wish to grow even more in your faith, Rangeview can help you fulfill your walk toward God.

About Mead, Colorado

The rural town of Mead sits in southwest Weld County just one mile east of Boulder County. They are facing the challenge of balancing their agricultural roots against the fast residential growth around them in Weld County to maintain a rural quality of life unique and distinct from the surrounding communities.

  • The Mead Community Foundation works to enhance the quality of life in the town of Mead.
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