Rangeview History

Who We Are

Our History

The First United Pentecostal Church of Longmont was begun on October 27, 1991 by Rev. and Mrs. Tony Warren. The first service was held in the Mormon Church at the corner of Longs Peak & Martin Street.

There were 12 people in the first service: Rev. & Mrs. Tony Warren, Brian Warren, Eric Warren, Scott Warren, George Alps, Hazel Eckstrom, a family Hazel Eckstrom had invited, and Jaimie a friend of the Warrens.

In August of 1993 we moved from the Mormon Church to the Methodist Church on 11th Street. We remained there for nine months. In May of 1994 we made our third move to a church building on 5th and Kimbark. When the landlord decided to turn the church into an office building we again were required to move. This time we temporarily held services in the Twin Peaks Assembly of God Church on 17th Street until we could find another place. After some searching we relocated to 408 Sherman Street.

Rev. & Mrs. Tony Warren resigned the church in September of 1998 and relocated.

After the departure of Rev. & Mrs. Warren, the church went through a difficult time and declined dramatically.

Rev. & Mrs. Terry L. Plummer assumed the Pastorate on February 4, 1999.

The name of the church was changed from the First United Pentecostal Church of Longmont to Rangeview Worship Center on March 17, 1999.

Since assuming the leadership of this church we have witnessed God’s mighty hand of blessing through many signs, wonders, miracles, and of course, new souls being added to the kingdom. In 1999 we started with 8 people, and as of January 2005 we have approximately 100 people.

We moved from 408 Sherman Street to 1831 Boston Avenue on December 1st, 2004, where we reside to this day. We went from 3,000 Square Feet to almost 9,000 Square Feet.